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SELECTFederal Supply Schedule

How to Get On a GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule Success

Many companies see a mountain of paperwork to prepare a GSA Schedule proposal but you should also see the business potential waiting for your company. The GSA schedule process is a mountain of paperwork that can occupy many labor hours and be complex. The reason for the long process is your GSA schedule contract proposal will determine the pricing, business terms and conditions of your future business with the federal government. It is essential to make good decisions on the proposal so you are successful in the future.

Select Government Services provides expert proposal consultation to keep your company ahead of the curve. Our team of GSA contract consultants has over 30 years of collective experience working with the federal government. We ensure you make good decisions involving pricing and terms as well as help develop a strategy to increase your business in the future. A GSA consultant will work with you from the beginning to develop a strategy, construct a proposal, and make certain that your file is complete to attain a GSA schedule. By using a government contract consultant, your business will save the following resources:

  • Over 200 hours of labor
  • Up to 6 months quicker approval time
  • Increased chance of first-time approval. (Select GCR maintain a 97% first-time approval rating)
  • Hours of research on GSA policies and guidelines ( Our consultants will provide all the information in a condensed format)

GSA Schedule Strategic Plan

Our consultants will work with you to build a strategic plan for your organizations GSA. We consider why you want to be on a GSA Schedule and design a custom plan to guarantee success. Your GSA consultant will look at pricing, product development, and profitability studies to make the best recommendations for services/products to include in your proposal. We will also ensure you are prepared for a GSA contract by studying your warranties and guarantees in place for your products and services.

GSA Schedule Proposal

Select Government Services maintains a profound knowledge of GSA contracting so we can provide our clients with expertise in preparing a proposal for their GSA contract. Our GSA contract consultants will handle your proposal from start to finish including forms, disclosure, price lists, and representations. We work with you throughout the process until the proposal is just right for you, your future government clients, and the GSA.

GSA Contract Negotiation and Award

GSA Schedule contracts are hard to negotiate. The requests for information clarification, negotiating terms, understanding pricing and final proposal revisions can require a significant time commitment. Our contract consultants are experts at working with the GSA ….that is all they do every day. Their knowledge and familiarity with the GSA allow them to efficiently handle all the requests from GSA while keeping you informed at every step. Your GSA contract consultant will provide required information to the GSA while keeping your best interest in mind. This allows your company to complete the process quicker and receive the most advantageous terms for your business.