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Our team of business development and registration specialists will organize and help create the internal structure within your company to do business with federal, state and local governments. With years of experience our methods and tools help businesses take the proper steps towards attaining a GSA schedule, also referred to as Federal Supply Schedule, and receiving Government contracts. Select Government Services not only completes our client's registration, we also advise them on how to successfully market and advertise to the federal government.

As with any major company decision, whether or not your company should obtain a GSA Schedule Contract is dependent upon market research. If you are just getting started in the government market, obtaining a GSA Schedule may not be the best first step. However, GSA Schedule Contracts are considered the most cost effective, expeditious way of entering into the Government Sector.

We certainly welcome the opportunity to evaluate your company for the potential of obtaining a GSA/FSS Contract.

Please call 1-844-318-4385 or click below to have one of our trained Specialists offer a situational assessmment. Think of us as your EASY BUTTON to the daunting world of Government Contracting.