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SELECTFederal Supply Schedule

Benefits of GSA

  • It is the Most Widely Used Government Contract
  • Simplifies the process for the federal government to purchase your products and services
  • Participate in the billions of dollars that are dispersed annually
  • Provides a Competitive Advantage over those without a Schedule
  • Allows for a Shorter, Simplified Sales Process

How much money does the government spend?

The federal government is, first and foremost, a business. They spend more than $43 million per hour – that’s over one billion dollars every day! As the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world, they buy everything from commodities to services. Last year, they spent $50 billion on contracts for goods and services with companies like yours; this year, that amount is expected to double.

Why does the government need you?

Now, more than ever, the federal government is seeking more sources for its needs. The government is in need of companies that offer greater efficiency, better performance, more progressive technologies and delivery methods than it currently has. Less than 5% of the businesses in the United States do business with the US government, and businesses within your industry are needed at this time. The best way to become a preferred service provider or supplier to the federal government is to obtain your GSA Schedule – that's a fact!

Why do I need to be on a GSA schedule?

In many cases the government and its established agencies demand that you have a GSA Schedule in order to respond to a government requirement. Companies with GSA Contracts are favored because it dramatically reduces acquisition lead time and creates more efficiency for agencies. The Schedule has pre-negotiated rates and prices, so proposals are viewed as fair and reasonable. Additionally, in most cases an award based on a GSA Schedule is considered to have been "competitive," which is an important government requirement. A GSA Contract is a powerful calling card even if a government agency does not buy from GSA Schedules. Having a GSA schedule means that the government "certifies" your company, including its financial system, expertise, and past performances.

What's so difficult about processing a GSA proposal?

A GSA proposal is comprised of countless steps. The process involves many obstacles, including hundreds of pages of information, across many documents, which the government has written in a style that can often be overwhelming and confusing. Most small companies have spent at least a year, unproductively, trying to understand, decipher, and respond to GSA’s densely worded documents. Most of the time, unfortunately, these efforts end up fruitless, with a proposal that GSA rejects due to omissions and mistakes. Experience, patience, attention to detail, and excellent written and verbal communication skills are necessary to complete the process and deal with GSA.

How much does it cost my company to get a GSA schedule?

Without assistance, taking on this enormous task yourself could cost you thousands in lost revenue, time away from your business, and even then you still might not have a GSA contract. You’ll also be losing money you would have made with a GSA contract had you enlisted professional assistance in filing your proposal. Businesses that start the application process without professional help typically take well over a year to complete and submit their application to GSA. Because of our years of experience we can normally submit your proposal to GSA within months, providing you work diligently with us to provide the required information and documentation.

  1. Provides marketing cachet – Agency buyers tend to be risk averse, so when they talk to a vendor who already has been vetted by GSA, they tend to trust you more. Even if the agency chooses to use another type of contract, they are confident that your firm is a "Responsible Vendor," which is a fancy term to mean fit & eligible for contracts.
  2. Helps avoid open competitions – While there are over 25 million businesses in the U.S., only a half million are registered government contractors. And only about 18,000 have a GSA schedule, or less than 0.01% of the total contractors, giving you a greater chance for contract awards by eliminating the traditional public bidding process and competitors.
  3. A GSA contract is a type of government-wide acquisition contract, which means you can sell to any agency of the Federal government, anywhere in the world. Without a GSA contract, you would need to bid on and negotiate with agencies separately.
  4. No requirement to synopsize – GSA Schedules has been synopsized at the contract level in FedBizOpps and satisfies the requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act. This means your GSA customers, on an order level, do not have to make opportunities available for all to see. Instead they can send the opportunity to a minimum of 3 Schedule holders to bid on. We always encourage our clients to form relationships with potential GSA customers to get on their “short list” of preferred vendors
  5. Subcontracting plans are issued and administered at the contract level, if you were a large business when you were first awarded your GSA contract; you were required to submit a Small Business Subcontracting Plan. This subcontracting plan governs your entire GSA contract and therefore, a GSA customer does not have to request a subcontracting plan at an order level. This can help speed up the acquisition process because the subcontracting plan has already been approved by GSA and no time has to be spent waiting on approval on an order level.
  6. GSA performs the contractor responsibility determination - This saves valuable time and effort for your customer! FAR Part 9 describes what the Government considers a responsible contractor. Items of responsibility include ensuring a contractor has adequate financial resources, is able to comply with the delivery or performance Schedule, has a satisfactory performance record, and has the necessary organization, experience, accounting and operational controls, and technical skills, etc. All of these items are addressed when completing your Schedule, therefore, a potential GSA customer can ensure you are a reliable contractor and not have to make that determination on an order level.
  7. Over 28 million products and services – GSA Schedules offer tremendous depth and breadth of available solutions. The GSA Schedules program offers everything from automobiles to zippers. This means GSA Schedules can be a one stop shop for your customer. There is no limit on the number of products you offer or the number of Schedules you have.